AWS Certification Path in 2021

AWS Certification Path ratifies the expertise in the cloud to support the professionals to absorb the skills and grow knowledge in the technology. The organizations are also immensely benefited by AWS certification to create powerful teams for cloud-related initiatives with AWS. After pursuing the AWS course, you should choose from the diverse certification exams to validate your knowledge and expertise. The certification exams are developed to make individuals and teams empowered to reach their unique goals.  In this blog, we will explore the role-based certification exams for the developers, architect, cloud practitioner and operation roles and the exact AWS certification path.

Available AWS Certifications

  1. Professional
  2. Associate
  3. Foundational
  4. Specialty


It is basically a two-year exhaustive experience with the designing, training, troubleshooting and solution integration by using AWS Cloud. In the professional segment, AWS has the certifications of Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer.


This is a one-year experience in solving problems and implementing solutions for various problematic ground. In the segment of Associate certification, certification of Solution Architect, SysOps Administrator, and Developer is included.


This provides the fundamental knowledge in AWS along with Cloud and industry-driven knowledge. In the fundamental segment, the certification of a Cloud Practitioner is available.


Technical AWS Cloud experience in Specialty domain as described in the exam guide of the certification exam. The segment of Specialty includes the certification of Advanced Networking, Big Data, Security, Machine Learning and Alexa Skill Builder.

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AWS Certification Path